April 20, 2015


Behind the Scenes

Andy Bokanev capturing the moment with Mick Walsh in the Snoqualmie Valley. Mick is one of the most prolific and successful endurance racers west of the Mississippi, and he was gracious enough to share a late afternoon with us.
April 16, 2015


Ad For Bicycle Quarterly

Just finished a print ad for my favorite cycling magazine -Bicycle Quarterly.  BQ the only magazine that I regularly read cover-to-cover - actually it's probably the only magazine that I've ever read front-to-back.

The photo was taken by camera maestro Andy Bokanev, while Tarik Abdullah - sous chef and owner of T's Leatherworks - graciously stood patiently in the middle of the street.  Tarik is wearing the brand new Ballard Pant in gray. 

October 22, 2013


Cool Ride

I saw this nicely put together urban ride at the weekend cyclocross race.  I liked how the fenders and the front rack played nicely together.  The frame is a Rawland, it's a CA company that makes limited production runs in Taiwan (I think that's how he does it as his web site is far from clear as to where the frames come from).  The front rack houses a nice Ozette Rando Bag from Swift Industries - a Seattle manufacturer.