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What is Greenlite Heavy Industries?

GHI is a small one-man company founded in Seattle by Mike McGuffin.
The impetus behind GHI is to promote an active lifestyle. The future is on two wheels, but all too often potential cyclists are detoured by the idea that they have to wear awkward, unflattering clothing. We don’t wear NASCAR flame suits when driving our cars, and neither do we need to wear bike racing kits when casually riding our bikes.
GHI offers casually styled, functional bike wear for those times when tight just ain’t right.


Why so expensive?

Three reasons:
  • Top of the line fabrics (i.e. Swiss made Schoeller DrySkin)
  • Domestic production
  • Small production runs.
When I started GHI is decided that I would make my products right here in Seattle. It doesn’t make financial sense to produce shoddy goods domestically; premium products come from premium materials, so I went with the best fabric available: Schoeller DrySkin.
In addition to local production I decided to start the company small and to grow from within: I don’t draw a salary, every penny earned by GHI goes right back into the company. Frankly I don’t have the money for large production runs – the larger the production run the lower the per piece cost. I make some pants, I sell some pants, I make some more pants…


Is everything made in Seattle?

Yes everything is made in downtown Seattle by Matt Noren, owner of Tarboo Inc.


Why not do your manufacturing overseas?

There are a number of reasons why I didn’t source my products overseas, some practical, some personal. I’ll spare you the political discussion and simply say that I make my products in Seattle because that’s how I wanted to do it. GHI is a feel good company: I feel good about what I make, and you can feel good about what you buy.


What fabrics do you use?

I’m glad you asked. The G1 and 3Quarter Pants as well as the STP shorts are made from Schoeller DrySkin. Schoeller is a Swiss company – the fabric is milled in Switzerland – and frankly they produce the gold standard of soft shell fabrics. I’ll do the Pepsi challenge with any other fabric out there. I wanted to make products that elicit the response “dang this is nice” and that’s what I get with Schoeller.


Is this stuff only for biking?

I think of my products as “bicycling inspired,” in much the same was as Patagonia products are “mountaineering inspired.” Greenlite clothes are designed to be functional on a bicycle, but they are also perfect for hiking, sailing, walking, traveling, trekking, or even lounging. I make active clothes for active people.


What do you mean “grassroots” company?

When I say that GHI is a “grassroots” company I mean that it started small and grew from the ground up. Every penny that comes into Greenlite goes right back into making and developing product. A lot of folks said that I was crazy to think that I could start this company without loans and investors and all that stuff, I’m out to prove them wrong.



Bike Rumor


Every once in a while, we get an email from a company we didn’t even know existed asking if we’d like to check out their product. Such was the case when Michael from GreenLite Heavy Industries contacted us about their G1 cycling pants. Turns out, that GreenLite was started in early 2012 with the sole purpose of creating casual, technical cycling gear that looks as good off the bike as on. As a grass roots company, Michael was proud to point out that he has borrowed nothing to get the business off the ground, and he is re-investing every penny back into the business. Read More


Bicycle Paper


By Darren Dencklau There are times when donning a team kit or a good pair of cycling shorts or bibs are necessary, especially for those who ride only for sport or serious recreational purposes. For most commuter and “lifestyle” riders, rocking the spandex isn’t often necessary or a desired look they want to project. Seattle resident Mike McGuffin created Greenlite Heavy Industries because he and many others fall into the second category. Read More


Bike Hugger


I don’t often wear pants, but when I do, they’re Greenlites and made here in Seattle. I’ve been wearing them so much, Pam asked, “when are you going to wash those?” After wearing them to fish at Lincoln Park, I did, and carefully to keep the DWR beading water and I want these to last.
Gear comes and goes at Hugga HQ and occasionally a piece lands in the favorite drawer. Greenlites are it with their bike-riding features. Read More


Momentum Magazine Oct Nov 2013


The seed that eventually became Greenlite Heavy Industries, Michael McGuffin’s Seattle, Washington-based apparel line, was planted a few years ago during lunch. A friend who was working with the suburb of Bellevue to help the city become more bike-friendly wanted to show up to meetings on her bike, but not while wearing Lycra. Read More


My Main Man Del


Every once in a while you run into a product, an item, a tool, a piece of clothing, or something else that you consider irreplaceable.  Maybe for you that’s a pair of shoes, a coat, or a certain soap.  The most recent item I’ve come in contact that holds such a place for me are the pants you see me wearing in these pictures.  The 3Quarter pant from Greenlite Heavy Industries.  I first ran into these pants when I was at the Seattle Bike Expo. Read More